• 15.03.24, 16:00, application deadline session April
  • 22.04 – 23.04.24, interview session April
  • 07.06.24, 16:00, application deadline session July
  • 01.07 – 05.07.24, interview session July
  • 14.06.24, 16:00, application deadline session August
  • 26.08 – 30.08.24, interview session August

Based on your portfolio and master proposal, the orientation committee will decide whether or not to invite you for an intake interview or audition. We will notify you of this decision by e-mail.

interview and audition

The test consists of a 25-minute audition and an interview with a judging panel.

When you receive an invitation to participate in an interview, we will inform you of the place and time the week before. All intakes take place at one of our campuses in Ghent and a personal presence is our preference. If you have to travel far, you can also participate in the interview or audition online.


During your practical instrument/voice audition you show your artistic and technical level. The repertoire consists of a (maximum) 25-35’ program which is stylistically diversified. At least one composition should be contemporary music, preferably written after 1950. With the submission of your application documents, you will also upload your program scores in PDF. 

Programme overview: 

  • Your name and date of birth 
  • For each piece: 
    • Full name of the composer with date of birth (and death) 
    • Full name of the composition, number of opus (if available) and date of the composition (if known) 
    • The part you prepared for this exam 
    • Example: Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992): Catalogue d’Oiseaux (1956-1958), Livre 2 “Le Traquet Stapazin” 

Compositions with obliged piano accompaniment or piano reduction (concerti), have to be performed with piano accompaniment. 

If an accompanist is required, you need to indicate this in your application documents. If you have not done this at the submission deadline, we cannot guarantee that we can provide an accompanist for you. If your repertoire is of such nature that the accompaniment cannot be done by our regular team of accompanists, you should arrange the accompaniment yourself.


After your audition, there will be an intake (interview) with the orientation committee about your motivation, artistic discipline, communication skills and knowledge of the specific domains of performing music. The orientation committee consists of several teachers and experts in the field you are applying for. The orientation committee makes the final decision on enrolment in the master course.

possibility to audition online

Candidates in classical music may opt to provide an online video audition, if they cannot make it to the audition in person. Please make sure that your video complies with following standards: 

  • video and audio must be of decent quality! Please pay attention to the acoustics of your recording. 
  • video must be a live captation in which the jury members can clearly see you playing your instrument! 
  • audio must be the audio from the video performance. Edits, overdubs, additional mixing... is not allowed.
announcement results orientation test

We will let you know by e-mail no more than two working weeks after your interview or audition whether you passed or failed the test. If you pass, you can continue with the registration procedure. If you have not received a message after two weeks, please feel free to contact the admissions officer by mail.