finalise enrolment

If you have passed an artistic admission test, you will receive an email. Then you can fill in your study programme application and complete your registration (after 22 June). After that, your application will be processed and you will receive updates via mail.

In the next step, the student administration will check whether you meet all admission requirements and whether you have provided all documents or data.

If any documents or data are missing, we will notify you by e-mail to upload them via There you can login and change your web registration.

Candidates with a Dutch diploma must be able to present at least VWO diploma or propaedeutic certificate. Those without a valid diploma can check if the general admission examination can provide a solution. Admission requirements will be checked upon enrolment.

make an appointment

If, after following these steps, you still need help with your enrolment, you can make an appointment in the student's office.

update your registration details

When enrolling, you can enter your nickname in addition to your official name. The nickname appears on chamilo, score lists, attendance lists,... But on official documents the official name remains. Do you wish to change your nickname? Mail to your study and learning track counsellor.

By default, the e-mail address consists of The call sign is not included in the automation, but can be changed manually afterwards. Would you like to change your e-mail address? Mail your study and learning track counsellor.