• 15.03.24, 16:00, application deadline session April
  • 22.04.24, interview session April
  • 21.06.24, 16:00, application deadline session August
  • 26.08.24, interview session August

Based on your portfolio and master proposal, the orientation committee will decide whether or not to invite you for an intake interview or audition. We will notify you of this decision by e-mail.

interview and audition

The orientation test consists of a practical test and an interview

When you receive an invitation to participate in an interview or audition, we will inform you of the place and time the week before. All intakes take place at one of our campuses in Ghent and a personal presence is our preference. If you have to travel far, you can also participate in the interview or audition online.

practical test

The candidate presents a personally created performance / act / event / happening / performance-lecture/(…) of minimum 5 and maximum 15 minutes. The candidates are free to fulfill this task the way they see fit, taking into account the limited technical means at their disposal (a studio with work lights, a sound installation, a video projector). The commission will take into account the artistic choices and quality of the practical presentation, and see how they relate to the profile and program of the school.


The orientation commission will discuss the portfolio, the practical presentation and the master proposal with the candidate. The commission will take into account the artistic profile and proposed project of the candidate.

announcement results orientation test

We will let you know by e-mail no more than two working weeks after your interview or audition whether you passed or failed the test. If you pass, you can continue with the registration procedure. If you have not received a message after two weeks, please feel free to contact the admissions officer by mail.