• 01.07.2024, Deadline registration
  • 02.07 - 04.07.24, tests session July
  • 26.08.2024, Deadline registration
  • 28.08.24 - 30.08.24, tests session August

Make sure you are well prepared, punctually present at the start time and available during the full duration of the trial.

start test

9:00 on the first day of the session.

Campus Bijloke
Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Ghent

You will receive detailed planning and proceedings on the first day of the session.

preparatory dossier

Each candidate puts together a preparatory file consisting of several parts.

personal details

  • recent passport photo
  • overview of previous studies (secondary and possibly previous higher studies)
  • overview of artistic and other relevant activities (DKO, ...)
  • a written motivation towards the choice of study (fashion) and the choice of school. (max 400 words)

specific assignments

The text length for each assignment is max 400 words.

  • Choice of one fashion designer who inspires the candidate and written motivation of the choice + image
  • Choice of one artist, preferably visual and contemporary, who inspires the candidate and written motivation of the choice + image of one leading work (artwork you have seen in real life).
  • Choosing an object that is in some way relevant or important to the candidate and a written motivation of the choice (vision, why) + a clear image.
  • Observational drawing of a still life in the home. Free choice of materials, A3 size. (bring it with you)

These first 3 you print out, the observational drawing of still life you bring physically to the admission test and should not be submitted digitally in advance.

artistic portfolio

Each candidate compiles a comprehensive artistic portfolio. In the portfolio, the candidate displays his/her own visual work. The following elements are sure to be present:

  • Observational drawing still life
  • Model or figure drawing
  • Fashion drawing (design and illustration)
  • Free visual work (various media possible)

Be sure to bring physical and original work to the test. This can be very varied work. (drawings, photos, sketches, painted studies, photos of sculptures or spatial work, graphic work, texts, poems, music, computer prints, stage acts, performances or other creations, ...).

practical test

The tests test the candidate's drawing skills and 3D understanding, as well as some basic artistic skills such as dealing with references, conceptual thinking and handling feedback.

Drawing materials minimum: various drawing materials such as charcoal, colour pencils, markers...but also paint materials such as watercolour, acrylic, ecoline, various types of paper (min A3), tape, glue, scissors, etc...

Sewing materials minimum to be provided: 3 white ironed men's shirts that may be cut up (i.e. second-hand or used, definitely not new), enough pins, sewing cigars, scissors, seamstress, sewing needles, and other basic sewing materials.


A jury will interview each candidate.

Interests, motivation, general and cultural knowledge, thinking skills, creative attitudes and understanding of imaging are probed.

The prepared work is discussed and the candidate is given a chance to explain it.

proclamation and feedback

Please note that locations and times are subject to change. Changes will be communicated on the spot.

On the last day of the session, students receive the result of their admission test by mail. Students who did not pass will receive a short, orientation feedback session on the test on the same day. This will take a maximum of about five minutes. This is not a teaching moment and serves only to frame the result and advise the student on further options. After this session, feedback on the test is not possible.