call for applications

Candidates for a position as doctoral researcher in the arts must hold a master’s degree or equivalent qualification. They can enrol only after being given the green light by KASK & Conservatorium, and must go through the procedure detailed below.

Candidates write a research proposal that is supported by two supervisors. One supervisor is an artist, designer or musician affiliated with KASK & Conservatorium, the other a theoretic expert linked to Ghent University. Both supervisors must send their assessments of the candidate to KASK & Conservatorium’s research office. In addition, candidates must submit their CV, supported by a portfolio. Applications are evaluated by a committee that will invite selected candidates for an interview. Only those candidates who receive a positive evaluation can enrol in Ghent University’s Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and Law. Consult this guide for all manner of practical information on how the application procedure.

An artistic assistant’s mandate is made up of a research assignment of 70%, in preparation for a PhD in the Arts, and 30% of educational tasks.

Candidates who wish to engage in doctoral research in the arts without funding can apply for affiliation to KASK & Conservatory as guest researchers