• 17.06.24, deadline preparatory dossier, session July
  • 01.07 - 04.07.24, tests session July
  • 12.08.24, deadline preparatory dossier, session August
  • 27.08 - 30.08.24, tests session August

Please make sure that you arrive on time for the start and that you are available for the entire duration of the exam.
On the first day of the session, you will be given a detailed schedule and timetable.

There will be two sessions of the entrance test, but we would like as many people as possible to attend the July session.

start test

9:00 on the first day of the session.

Campus Bijloke
Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent

You will receive detailed planning on the first day of the session.

preparatory dossier

You will compile a preparatory dossier. The dossier contains your personal details and a written motivation. You submit this online in advance.

During the exam, you will bring portfolio with you to the interview and will not need to submit it digitally.

personal data

  • recent passport photograph
  • formal information about yourself

written motivation

Written motivation: why do you choose to study photography and KASK Photography in particular.


You will bring your portfolio to the interview during the exam, so you do not need to submit it digitally.

Your portfolio requires some preparation: you will make a representative selection of images that illustrate your interest in art and photography in particular.
These can be your own images, but also sources of inspiration. Think about what we stand for as a KASK photography course. Candidates who have little or no artistic work can also take part in the test. You will bring back your personal work from the file after the test.

Please note! If you want to show something digitally or online, you must bring your own laptop.

written test

You answer a general question on a current social, cultural and/or artistic issue. The aim is to allow the examination board to get an idea of the candidate's theoretical prior education, gauge language skills and ability to formulate an opinion, develop a line of reasoning and edit a short written text.

motivation interview

Interests, general and cultural knowledge, thinking skills, creative attitudes and understanding of image making will be explored. Important qualities are: critical sense, commitment, drive, love of photography and art, perseverance, self-discipline and the ability to put things into perspective.

You must also be able to discuss your image file during the one-on-one interview.

practical test

Bring a working smartphone or digital camera. Make sure the battery is fully charged. You will be asked to take photographs at different times.
It is not important that the pictures are technically correct, but that they can form the basis of a conversation about imaging, photography and content expectations.
If you have little or no previous experience, you are welcome to take this test.

The timetable, what is expected and how to upload the images will be communicated on the first day of the entrance test.

proclamation and feedback

Please note that locations and times are subject to change. Changes will be communicated on the spot.

On the last day of the session, there will be deliberations and proclamations.
The proclamation is done on campus, the results are not communicated by phone or mail. The candidates who are not accepted will be given the opportunity for a post-proclamation discussion.