• 17.06.24, deadline preparatory dossier, session July
  • 01.07 - 04.07.24, tests session July
  • 12.08.24, deadline preparatory dossier, session August
  • 27.08 - 30.08.24, tests session August

Make sure you are well prepared, punctually present at the start time and available during the full duration of the trial.

start test

9:00 on the first day of the session.

Campus Bijloke
Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent

You will receive detailed planning on the first day of the session.

preparatory dossier

Before the start of the test, you will compile a preparatory dossier. The dossier contains your personal details, a written motivation and a portfolio.

You submit your personal details and written motivation online.

You bring the portfolio to the motivation interview and do not have to submit it digitally in advance.

personal data

  • recent passport photograph
  • formal information about yourself

written motivation

A written motivation towards study and school choice.


The candidate puts together a portfolio with a representative selection of images, clarifying the possible interest in art and specifically in the medium of photography. This is based on autonomous artistic work, sources of inspiration, any school assignments you are proud of (drawings, photographs, sketches, painted studies, photographs of sculptures or spatial work, graphic work, texts, poems, music, computer prints, stage acts, performances or other creations,...) If something is to be shown online or digitally, the candidate must bring their own medium (laptop...).

written test

The candidate answers a general question on a current social, cultural and/or artistic issue. The aim is to allow the examination board to get an idea of the candidate's theoretical prior education, gauge language skills and ability to formulate an opinion, develop a line of reasoning and edit a short written text.

motivation interview

During an individual interview, the candidate's motivation towards art education in general and the specific field of study in particular will be examined. The preparatory dossier forms the basis for an interview and questioning. It is important that the candidate can explain the elements in the dossier and clarify the study choice and expectations.

Interests, general and cultural knowledge, thinking skills, creative attitudes and understanding of image-making are probed. Important qualities here are: critical sense, commitment, drive, love of art and design, perseverance, self-discipline.

The talks are organised in the photography studios at the Bijloke campus (Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent).

practical test

You will have to do a practical assignment during the test.
More info to follow.

proclamation and feedback

Please note that locations and times are subject to change. Changes will be communicated on the spot.

On the last day of the session, there will be a deliberation and announcement of the results including a personal conversation, at which third parties may also be present. In this conversation, candidates will learn whether or not they will be accepted and for what reasons. Candidates must be present at this interview. There will be no subsequent or telephone interviews regarding the results.