19.06.24, 18:30, LISA, BLAUW, Luna Maes, Mastersounds day 1

LISA, 18:30

An atmosphere of cosiness and comfort full of jazzy pop songs that Lisa Baert worked on for a whole year and that are close to her heart. By playing her own music, she exposes a piece of herself and creates a sense of security, similar to the feeling you get when you are alone and can throw out all your frustrations or little happinesses uninhibited.

Lisa Baert (vocals), Sam Goekint (drums), Jonathan Collin (bass), Milan Robberechts (piano) Ton Van de Voorde (guitar), Luna Maes and Eline Nicaise (backing vocals).

BLAUW, 20:00

Step into the world of BLAUW, where electro-pop melodies intertwine with tales of love’s highs and lows. She tells a story of growth and healing, self-empowerment that arises above past betrayals to the shimmering hope of new beginnings. Through her music, she offers a glimpse into the profound complexities of our emotions, where love’s radiance shines brightest amidst the shadows of fear.

Etienne Gijselinckx (bass), Joshua Ongenae (drums), Robin Vantomme (Keys & Electronics), Bram Vanden Berghe (sound engineer) + Special Guest

Luna Maes, 21:30

Dear audience. I have been writing quite a bit over the past few months. Inspired by all the chaotic/ absurd/fun things going on in my young life, I have been breathing life into my own music this school year. Guided by my love for lyrics, playful things and that rough side in us 'menschen', I have come out here. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you to my dear friends and also band, for existing. Very sweet.

Roel Delplancke (drums), Robin Lambrecht (guitar + vocals), Anthe Huybrechts (keys + vocals), Ruben Van Hijfte (bass + vocals)

free upon reservation
Romain De Coninckplein 2
9000 Gent
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