Devine: head in the cloud

Since this year, KASK & Conservatorium is not only the school of arts of HOGENT but also of the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (Howest). Because of this new marriage, we are already welcoming our first new member this academic year. The professional bachelor Digital Design and Development, or Devine for short, is located at the intersection of industrial sciences, technology and audiovisual and visual arts. Deviners are customer-focused creatives who bridge the gap between code and design. Their final digital product may take the form of a site, an app or an interactive installation. When their heads aren't in the cloud, the Deviners are using it for projects and study on campus Buda, in Kortijk.

Boijmans Van Beuningen

What specifically are they doing there? The annual collaboration between Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Devine helps clarify that . This year the students were presented with one particularly fine client: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The museum is closing its doors this year for renovation work, but that does not mean that the collection will be gathering dust in the meantime. The students were given three weeks to think about how to bring a museum to life digitally. No small challenge, of course. After all, not all target groups are equally comfortable with the latest gadgets and the link with the real museum should not be lost under bits and bytes. The teams each pitched two ideas, and after evaluation one of these was selected for further elaboration. The end result was a range of high-quality clickable prototypes. How about a meeting website for the elderly based on a shared appreciation for certain works of art? There was also a game to discover where you can bump into artists in the city via augmented reality, an artistic chatbot and a monthly dance event with an interactive art floor. Speaking of dance, this year Opera & Ballet of Flanders will be the new client.

Bump Festival

Another highlight of a Devine year is the Bump Festival taking place at the Kortrijk Schouwburg. The one-day conference aims to create a state of the art format and, to that end, will feature numerous speakers who have earned their spurs on the international circuit, from Amazon to Hollywood. Annie Atkins, for example, creates props and set pieces for games and movies, while Jina Anne focuses on design systems, central digital environments that ensure the consistent application of a corporate identity within a company. Interface designer Jens-Ove Panknin, in turn, plays at the interface between man and machine. Americans Neil Mendoza and Sougwen Chung lean more toward the artistic, fusing visual art, performance and software into hybrid objects. Finally, Eike König is a graphic designer pur sang.

This article was originally published in Onrust, 06.2019.
Bump Festival
On 21.06.19 from 10:00 in Schouwburg Kortrijk