27.01.23 – 12.02.23, The Long Tail

Let’s start with the end. “The show has to stop, people have to leave,” somebody will say and then repeat it it. “The show has to stop, people have to leave.” Right here, right now will be finite. The doors through which visitors have entered the exhibition will now become the way out. “The show must go on,” somebody will reply. It will sound more like a question. Let’s talk about the future. Let’s put things in circulation. Let’s talk impact. Let’s talk aftermath and afterimage. “We need to ask what the artwork does, and test it with changing wheres, whens and hows," a third person will quote but have forgotten where this came from. What will the show leave behind? What will visitors take with them? Let’s sit for a short while and think long term.

The show will try to exceed its limits. Let’s be aware that things will be piggybacking. Things will be slipstreaming in its wake. Let’s not look to lure visitors in, but look to tag along as they leave. Let’s not seek to create a world of its own, but seek to step out into the existing world. Let’s not adopt clickbait models, but look for exit strategies. Let’s acknowledge the long tail.

— Peter Lemmens


een tentoonstelling met beeldend werk van:

Giada Ciccetti  
Simon Clement
Sam De Buysere
Rembert De Prez
Martijn De Meuleneire
Lisa Koo Gautama
Liza François
Ann Veronica Janssens
Jurgen Remmerie
Reza Yavari
Marens Van Leunen
Amber Wynants


Peter Lemmens