21.06.24, 18:30, Mad Mulish Man, Reinert Creve Trio, Anthe, mastersounds day 3

Mad Mulish Man, 18:30

Inspired by both his classical and jazz background, Wodan Onkelinx wrote his compositions with movement in mind. Together with his talented band, he moves effortlessly from tranquillity to exuberance in the set. Expect a concert that feels like a trip straight ahead with an abrupt digression here and there.

Warre Van de Putte (tenor sax), Wodan Onkelinx (piano), Toon Rumen (double bass), Toon Putteman (drums)

Reinert Creve Trio, 20:00

The Reinert Creve Trio is the first project in which pianist Reinert Creve comes to the fore and shows his most personal side. Reinert's compositions are based on the principle that music arises from honesty and simplicity. This is reflected in the music the trio makes. Together with Toon Putteman on drums and Ruben Verbeeck on double bass, they explore how simplicity and lyricism can tell a story. In this way, they try to reflect their own interpretation within contemporary jazz in a way where improvisation and communication are central.

Reinert Creve (piano), Toon Putteman (drums), Ruben Verbeeck (double bass)

Anthe, 21:30

Originally from Bilzen in Limburg, Anthe Huybrechts — or Anthe for short — developed an unconditional love for the acoustic piano. Her way of playing and writing is influenced by her classical music training in her younger years. New influences, more experience and self-discovery fuel her musical world and lead to an intense, intriguing sound of her own with fairy-like melodies and personal lyrics in which influences such as Agnes Obel, Kate Bush, AURORA and even Björk can be traced. With her velvet voice, unforced piano playing and her own collection of samples and prepared piano sounds, Anthe immerses you in hopeful dreams.

Anthe Huybrechts (leadzang & toetsen), Luna Maes (achtergrondzang & toetsen), Stanzi Cresens (cello)

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