2, Louis Pasteurlaan
9000 Ghent

Three organisations are in permanent residency at KASK & Conservatorium: Courtisane, Sabzian and Jazzlab. All also have offices on campus Bijloke.

Courtisane is a platform for film and audiovisual arts. Through a yearly festival, film screenings, talks and publications, we create spaces for presentation and reflection.

Sabzian is an online platform for reflection on cinema and an agenda of cinephile events in Belgium and its surroundings. The website aims to be a cinephile map. The agenda is an often incomplete but always personal guide through a network of events, screenings and exhibitions that form the possible contours of the cinephile fabric at any given moment, averse to the dictatorship of the new, outside the scorching focus of attention. In addition, the website provides space for mainly Dutch-language texts on cinema and visual culture

Jazzlab occupies a central position within the professional Belgian jazz sector. Its operation rests on three pillars: organising tours, acting as a production house for new jazz creations and as a connecting network organisation. In this way, they leverage the sector both nationally and internationally.


  1. Hossein Sabzian in Nema-ye nazdik [Close-Up] by Abbas Kiarostami (1990), film still
  2. Dušica Dražić,  Wim Janssen, Projektor, photo: Michiel Devijver
  3. Imagine Raymond, photo: Mike Verbraeken