• 03.05.24, 16:00, deadline file submission session May
  • 13.05.24, Interview session May
  • 16.08.24, 16:00, deadline file submission session August
  • 26.08.24, Interview session August
  • 09.09.24, 16:00, deadline file submission session September
  • 16.09.24, Interview session September

Based on your dossier, the orientation committee will decide whether or not to invite you for an intake interview or audition. We will notify you of this decision by e-mail.


We organise 3 interview sessions. Selected candidates who meet the requirements will be invited for an interview.

The interview will focus mainly on 3 aspects of your application documents: your letter of motivation, your CV and your curatorial project proposal. Especially the candidate’s motivation and project proposal will be discussed. The committee will gain insight in the candidate’s competences through this interview and will advise whether a candidate can start on the basis of this interview.

If a candidate indicates this in time during the application procedure, the committee may decide to allow the interview to be conducted online. 

The committee can decide to give a negative advice with regards to attending an interview if the submitted application’s content demonstrates clearly that the candidate does not have the required profile or competences to start the postgraduate programme.

announcement results orientation test

We will let you know by e-mail no more than two working weeks after your interview or audition whether you passed or failed the test. If you pass, you can continue with the registration procedure. If you have not received a message after two weeks, please feel free to contact the admissions officer by mail.