30.05.24 – 09.06.24, #162 Phoebe Vandercammen, Calling for your perversion

MAP is een projectruimte waarin masterstudenten uit verschillende afstudeerrichtingen hun werk presenteren aan het publiek. Calling for your perversion is een tentoonstelling van Phoebe Vandercammen, masterstudent autonome vormgeving. 

perversion: socially unacceptable behavior - atheism - eroticized rage - delights in evil and in the destruction of the self or others – fun stuff

I would describe myself as an artist-designer of sextoys and kinky experiences. My desire is to create mediating projects between kinksters and non-kinksters, focusing on consent – safety – (a)sex – pleasure and other underrepresented elements of bdsm. Each project is an opportunity to delve deeper into the complexities of the (a)sexual experience, challenging societal norms and celebrating diversity.

I made a full commitment to designing functional objects for the bdsm community. Only the perverted will know how to use my objects. Kinksters are my insiders, non-kinksters are my outsiders. Connection to my community became the most important pilar of my practice. But my practice also involves connecting them.

I write letters to the ones I worship, to my community. I write letters of love to the ones I love most.

‘calling for your perversion’ is a making process focusing on the beauty in the perverted
the beauty in the fucked up

My little objects glorifying what’s nasty.

Meanwhile, I’m asking a non-kinky audience to channel their own perversion. Ask them to envision themselves using the objects, fucking them.

Campus Bijloke
Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Gent
opening: 30.05.2024, 19:00

ma-do: 08:00 – 22:00
vr: 08:00 – 17:00
za-zo: 12:00 – 17:00