22.05.24, 19:30, Sarah Davachi, Ruiskamer

The work of Canadian composer-performer Sarah Davachi deals with the close intertwining of sound and time. Long drawn-out but meticulously crafted harmonies gradually expose variations in texture, overtones, psychoacoustic phenomena, tunings and intonation. Her compositions include both solo and chamber music, with Davachi using a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments. For this show, Sarah will play solo at the MIRY Concert Hall’s magnificent organ. A guarantee of a unique listening experience is included in the ticket.

Davachi’s work is sometimes compared to that of minimalist composers such as LaMonte Young and Eliane Radigue. She has toured with artists such as Grouper, William Basinski and Arnold Dreyblatt, and created works commissioned by London Contemporary Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Cello Octet Amsterdam, among others.

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