Studium Generale 2013-2014

This yearbook of the Studium Generale of the Hogeschool Gent contains essays by the speakers who lectured on the annual theme 'Time? Always! This collection reflects on how all kinds of forms and conceptions of time are at play in society, in the arts and in scientific research. This series of lectures was compiled and organized by Sofie Vandamme in collaboration with Jeroen Cluckers. The book contains contributions by Sofie Vandamme, Benno Barnard, Mark Fisher, Pedro De Bruyckere, Els Stuyven, Joke J. Hermsen, Marli Huijer, Dieter Ceustermans, Carl Devos, Petra Van Brabandt and Lisaboa Houbrechts. This volume also includes a CD recording of the sound performance "21" by Saskia De Coster and Inne Eysermans.

123 pages & CD
published by Academia Press
2014, NL
ISBN 9789038224039
19,99 euro