17.04.24, 20:30, Dogma (1999)

With the Easter bells still ringing in your ears, KASKcinema brings you back into higher spheres. Heaven exists and is a little slice of nineties film culture where wild comedy and Catholic subversion become passionate bedfellows. Culthit Dogma is a sharp and playful piece of indie filmmaking from the sacred hands of Kevin Smith. Surfing on the success of his debut film Clerks (1994), Smith conquered Hollywood with mouthfuls of socially critical bollocks and games with political genres. Dogma is perhaps his most provocative feat. In the film, two fallen angels search for their way back to heaven, while a group of unlikely apostles are hot on their heels.

Played with a zest for life that only Zack Snyder's Batman could quench, Ben Affleck shows off his best side here. Along with Good Will Hunting (1997) co-star Matt Damon, he spreads his wings away from traditional Hollywood pulp for a halo-laden middle finger to church and state. Right-wing America could delay the release date by a year, but the film soon proved unresistible. So get ready for some Afflection and throw yourself down at the altar of the white screen.

Kevin Smith, 1999, USA, 130', 35mm, English & Spanish spoken, Dutch-French subtitles
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent