26.02.24, 20:30, Paprika: VR Reprise

KASKcinema is expanding. Not in the physical sense, but through a temporary move into the digital world.

Mobility problems, agoraphobia, or a too-comfortable seat can make it difficult to come to the cinema, KASKcinema still wants to bring the social aspect and magic of the big screen to the comfort of your favourite living room by resurrecting a screening from last year. So the perfect film to screen in a different reality is Paprika, the Japanese animated film that fuses dreams and reality into a visually tantalising soup.

To experience this screening, you will need your own VR glasses. Most VR glasses are good enough to attend the screening, such as Quest, Pico, Vive, ...

If you live in Ghent and don't have your own VR glasses, KASKcinema will provide VR glasses for you. Send an email by Friday, February 23,

Satoshi Kon, 2006, Japan, 90', film on virtual location