Studium Generale 2012-2013

This yearbook of the Studium Generale of the Hogeschool Gent contains essays by the speakers who lectured during the 2012-2013 academic year on the annual theme "Normal!? Where is the norm?' This collection reflects on how the dichotomy normal/abnormal is at play in society, in the arts and in the (medical) sciences. This series of lectures was compiled by Sofie Vandamme and organized in collaboration with Jeroen Cluckers. The book contains contributions from Sofie Vandamme, Charlotte Mutsaers, Peter Hinssen, Dirk De Wachter, Maartje Schermer, Piet Hoebeke, Kristien Hemmerechts, Patrick Allegaert and Bart Marius, Stijn Vanheule, Paul De Grauwe, Hilde Van den Bulck, Jens Franssen and Dieter Ceustermans. The best paper of the participating students was also included.

161 pages
published by Academia Press
2013, NL
ISBN 9789038222196
19,99 euro