Floor Toppets
Personal Computer

Floor Toppets, Personal Computer, Graduation 2023, foto: Rembert De Prez

a view of the inside of a broken down car
a close up of a broken glass window
the shadow of a person standing in front of a window
the shadow of a plant on a wall
a blurry image of a street sign on a rainy day
a blurry picture of a sky with clouds
a blurry photo of a cloudy sky and water
a table that has some plants on top of it
two red tulips with green leaves near water
two red tulips with green leaves on the ground
a close up of two red and purple flowers
a close up of a red and purple flower
a view of a building through a window
a window with a reflection of a building in it
a close up of a flower on a white surface
a small tattoo of a flower
a pair of shoes and a lamp on a table
a pair of purple candles sitting on top of a table
a room with a chair and a table with a candle on it
a reflection of a kitchen in a mirror
the sun is shining through the window of a train

Floor Toppets studeerde met dit project af als master in de vrije kunsten, 2023.
De afstudeerprojecten van onze studenten kregen allemaal een plek op de website van graduation. Bekijk er ieders persoonlijke pagina en de volledige programmatie van het festival.