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22.06.24, a Disarming Design workshop, Infrastructures for Solidarity

A reflective afternoon with Disarming Design for Palestine centres on developing infrastructures for solidarity through design. The session includes a workshop where participants collectively create graphic statements for a 'Fair Glossary' exhibition, focusing on design infrastructures, language, and fair trade. The event wraps up with a film screening that offers insights into the product-making processes and their narratives. 

  • 14:30-18:00, an ongoing conversational pop-up shop with Sulaiman Saleh
  • 15:00-18:00, Unpacking notions and building threads, a Disarming Design workshop with Annelys de Vet
  • 19:00, United Films for Palestine screening, Picasso in Palestine by Rashid Masharawi (52')

Disarming Design from Palestine

Disarming Design from Palestine (DDfP) is an independent non-profit organisation that operates as a design label and learning platform. Their mission is to foster thought-provoking design from Palestine by developing and distributing useful products that share poetic and political statements. Often rooted in experiences from everyday life in occupied Palestine, the items serve as cultural artefacts that catalyse conversations. Disarming Design is a collective based in Sint Pieters Leeuw, Belgium. Their work has been featured in De Appel, Amsterdam, Decoratelier, Brussels and Pianofabriek, Brussels.

United Screens for Palestine

United Screens for Palestine is an open and decentralised collective of programmers, cultural workers and venues. They are responding to the paralysis brought about by the ongoing genocide as well as the increasing policing, censorship and criminalisation of everything Palestinian. They aim to make each screening a space for conversation, learning and most of all, mobilisation. And they firmly believe that to present these films is to insist that witnessing is an active process, far beyond the act of watching. Ultimately, they build on long-standing global film initiatives which serve as platforms for substantive discussions and an earnest exploration of the historical narrative of Palestine.

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deel van het publiek programma rond de groepstentoonstelling 'Grains of Sand like Mountains', gecureerd door de studenten curatorial studies 2023-24
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