Shelter, Renée Lorie

08.06.24, 16:00, Collective Dinner, Grains of Sand like Mountains, met de studenten van curatorial studies 2023-24

Grains of Sand Like Mountains is a collectively curated graduation show that is part of the programme of curatorial studies at KASK & Conservatorium. This year’s participants invite you to converse about collective curatorial experiences over a shared homemade meal. As a self-reflective gesture, situated within an exhibition about the complexities of communal agency and collective identity, the curatorial students hope to bring forward their personal and shared experiences from this temporary collective curatorship and engage in a conversation with those who join the cooking session or the dinner table.

deel van het publiek programma rond de groepstentoonstelling 'Grains of Sand like Mountains', gecureerd door de studenten curatorial studies 2023-24
Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14
9000 Gent
16:00–18:00, cooking session
18:00–21:00, eating & talking