16.06.24, Common Ground, Café Palestine & Splinter v.z.w., Labour of Love

This is an invitation to join in the timeless ritual of preparing a traditional Palestinian dish - Rolled Vine Leaves, or 'ورق عنب'. This labour-intensive and contemplative process offers a space for mourning, introspection, and communal bonding. Together we weave stories of liberation, what does a free Palestine and by extension, a free world look like?

Common Ground

As a duo, Anna Celda and Saja Amro work under the name of Common Ground. Though their individual practices vary wildly, they found a link in the kitchen, where they have been cooking together ever since they met. Since finding this common playground they have been working on providing food experiences based on the familiar tastes and values their cultures share. The act of breaking bread with one another and feeding the community around them is at the core of what they do.

Café Palestine

Café Palestine is a ​‘Hea­ling and Hea­ring spa­ce’, cre­a­ted on the initiative of the Gents­Kun­sten­Over­leg and NTGent. The noma­dic café was hosted by NTGent arca, arts cen­tre Vier­nul­vier, Cam­po Boma, etc. They are currently hosted by Kunsthal Gent. Vzw Manoeu­vre and Vzw Splin­ter bring peo­p­le together through artis­tic and acti­vist projects.

deel van het publiek programma rond de groepstentoonstelling 'Grains of Sand like Mountains', gecureerd door de studenten curatorial studies 2023-24
Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14
9000 Gent
open, 11:00–18:00

All of our public programmes are organised in a relaxed manner—feel free to come and go as you like in your own time